In reflecting on the process of video editing using Windows Movie Maker, I got lost in it and time disappeared. In other words, I was enthralled and enjoyed the process very much. And while my composition is obviously very novice, I truly enjoyed the creation process.

The ability to sequence portions of video, controlling the timeline, composition and cuts and integration of sound and music really allowed a sense of control that could feasibly fulfill a childhood dream of mine to create music videos. The program’s ability to overlap and overlay sounds – spoken words AND music – allowed for avant garde blending effects found in pop culture videos. To make this process even more engrossing would have been to provide my own video clips, though, for this experiment the professor provided great pieces to work with.

The array of music available to pair with the video clips certainly does drive home the ability to manipulate tone. The scene transitions, while very PowerPoint-ish, were also interesting. I particularly liked the “sepia tone” effect and the “fade out” effect for certain scenes.

The most difficult part of this process was the fading of the music in time with the fading of the video. The cropping of sound could have been made more intuitive; however I feel the interface really was very intuitive and easy to use overall.

As far as what this technology affords, it provides the ability for anyone to create their own videos, which has exploded as per YouTube. The creative freedom in personal “cinema” afforded with personal video-editing technology is a cost-effective and easy-to-learn medium for which our generation is fortunate to possess. This medium affords itself to be shared online as well as archived for one’s personal collection, so its outreach is broad. The constraints of this technology include the lack of immediate high definition (at least in the version of technology I experimented with) and that the sounds only overlapped to a degree in this program. I would have needed to use a sound editing program to manipulate and import the precisely edited sounds I wanted. I also wanted to remove all sounds from the video clips, which, if it was an option I didn’t see it immediately, so I might organize the interface slightly differently. I also would have liked a second layer of sounds, whereas this program only allowed one.