What I contributed this past week: In addition to providing feedback on the video, I printed out the physical envelopes for the hard copy of the St. Joseph Graphic Standards Manual, provided Sean with our original thought process on the first storyboard I helped develop and sent my raw Illustrator files to Joe for inclusion in the digital version of the Graphic Standards Manual. I also printed out labels for the final product CD of the Graphic Standards Manual as well as the final hard copy of the Services Video DVD for St. Joseph Services.

What went wrong? Nothing, but we are working up to the minute, which is a little stressful.

My take on Basecamp as a platform? Personally, I give it a thumbs down. It made me just as crazy as BlackBoard and with the myriad of different “topics” to comment under it was difficult to find my posts and files. A communication platform should not be that complex or involved in my opinion.


Tonight we present our project in its finality to both the client and the rest of the class. I am pleased with how well our group pulled together on all of the sub-projects to produce a cohesive and polished final product to turn over to St. Joseph. The video is impressive and achieved the technical, mission-oriented and emotional goals of our revised storyboard. Group member Brian Cicirello went above and beyond in our group (to a ridiculous level) and project manager Amelia was on the ball each week. The size and scope of talents in our group created a successful end product. In reflecting on this past quarter’s group project, I will say that the sheer amount of traveling and meeting outside of the classroom, as well as the quantity of time and hassle with the CDM cage in the Loop for equipment felt like a second job. It was a difficult class in terms of frustration and chaos levels, but in the end, our group got it done. We all deserve solid A’s in this class. That is my answer.