What I contributed this past week: In addition to giving input on the rough video, I created a branded folder for the in-class presentation and into which we will put the hard copies of the items we will turn over to the client for the graphics standards manual. The folder is labeled on front with the logo and “Graphics Standards” and also has a label with all of our group members’ names as DePaul contributors. I also included brand-coordinated CD labels for the web files, photos, audio, video, logo and color palette we will turn over to St. Joseph Services.

My concerns at this point: I wish we had the full use of all of our group members. As of now, one or two of our members keep getting stolen away from our group during class time to help the other group learn how to edit video. While I have no problem with lending our members to assist the City Farm group with their project, there are less of us than there are them and we do need 100% all of our people for input and production each week during the precious amount of class time that is left to complete this project. This is not the fault of our group member(s), just an obvious logistical / technical issue which should have been addressed early on.

To complete this upcoming week: At this point we need to get the final editing and audio optimization complete. We also need to get the correct spelling of names and titles of all those in the video and work on a lower thirds graphic overlay for the video. I believe we will be discussing this in class on Thursday amongst our group members.


What I contributed this past week: Last Thursday I attended the St. Joseph’s video interview held at the Austin location. During this process, I helped arrange the background of the shot as well as recorded all the audio. On Sunday, I co-hosted the viewing of all the footage at my South Loop loft because the promise of securing a room in a Loop CDM building was not followed through in a timely fashion. Many in our team project group attended at which time I took notes on the best parts of the footage and submitted the notes to Brian C. for the rough cuts. I also submitted to Basecamp a #10 envelope and letterhead design as PDFs for our Graphic Standards Manual for St. Joseph’s.

My concerns at this point: We found out that the logos were not entirely well-received by St. Joseph Services’ Board so some members in our group refined some of the logos to resubmit to the board for viewing at their meeting this Thursday. If they cannot agree on one with gusto, we all decided it would be best to submit their old logo to them in a vector format (which they did not have) along with the video. Giving them something they can work with in the future is better than nothing and we can all still be proud of the work we have done. My chief concern at this point is focusing on the editing of the video. There are two more last-minute interviews today and tomorrow that St. Joseph’s insisted upon. Worst case scenario is that if the video is not completed in its entirety we can still submit the raw footage to them for their future use.

To complete this upcoming week: Video editing and refining of the items we have collectively done as well as sound bed and photo optimizing. It would be great to get these things completed in class. We will hopefully receive word back about the logo(s) from St. Joseph’s in order to lock in what will be finalized and submitted.