My specific contributions to your project team this week:

  • I took all of the refined logos and color palettes and put them into a single PDF for submission to the client.
  • I also am attending the Austin video shoot today to conduct duties as Video Art Director.
  • I provided support to the Project Manager to facilitate communications.

What’s going well:

Our team feels solid and our communication is free flowing. The logos were refined and sent over, things are slowly getting accomplished bit by bit.

What is not going so well:

Thursdays in class do not provide nearly enough work time for this project. It is difficult to commit another night a week to work on this project as a working professional. St. Joe’s is slow to respond and we are awaiting their logo selection(s). I find frustration in both the limited class work time as well as the client’s inability to respond in the time we had hoped. We are getting down to the wire time-wise and my concern is that we will not complete our project and end up turning over what we have to St. Joe’s.  But maybe that will be acceptable to client.

Goals for next week:

Ideally, if this tape can then get logged on Friday, perhaps Monday night the St. Joe’s group (or at least the video portion of the group) can reconvene to watch both film rolls and take editing notes, as  Since St. Joe’s expressed that the logo will need to be decided on by a board and it may not happen in a timely manner, our group needs to discuss alternatives and hypotheticals as well as a decision on the music bed for the video.

What resources or help do you need from your project team, class, or instructor?

As it was discussed last week, I do not think that I would have enough content to fill a 10-paper final paper for this class. If each person in our group wrote a page or two on their personal experience and responsibilities of this project, incorporating the theoretical connections required by Michael Moore, perhaps we could turn in a collective and complete report that covers everyone’s perspective in addition to presenting our project to the class. It would be great to re-discuss the final paper situation and get a solid decision so that notes and outlines can begin to be constructed.


The Humboldt Park St. Joseph’s visit went well last week. We met with Lisa and Mickey and discussed their needs and what file types and deliverables we would ultimately turn over to them: a disc with the editable film files, the files of all the collateral and print and a standards manual with their new logo.

The B-roll footage had been conducted at the Austin location, but we will need to schedule the actual interview at Austin once Brian C. talks to the ladies today, as it is filming day for the St. Joe’s Humboldt Park facility and interview of Lisa Sullivan there. Unable to attend this filming, as Video Art Director I posted a PDF of points to the Basecamp wiki for those people to take with them. The film is tentatively scheduled to be logged by Sean on Friday as he has the time to get to the lab that day. Progress is being made, slowly. With only 5 weeks left, I foresee a tighter schedule being given to us from Project Manager Amelia for deadlines, which she has done a great job overseeing.

My concern is that we will not be able to utilize our class time editing and getting this video together outside of class if we are required to be there for attendance and discussion each week. Not everyone is available to collectively work outside of Thursday nights and so striking a balance between “agency worker” and “student of this class” is tenuous at this moment.

In class this Thursday, we plan on narrowing down the logo choices to 3 – 5 drafts to e-mail to St. Joe’s. We hope they will make their selection ASAP once this happens to that we can get the graphics and standards manual team – not to mention the website graphics folks – rolling on their individual projects.

I look forward to pinning down an Austin date for filming and then I will feel better about the timeline of this project. The sooner things get done, the better. The client has virtually given us carte blanche with regards to designs, but I hope they are decisive enough to decide which logo they like the best — and soon.

As the Video Art Director for the St. Joseph’s Services project, I created a rough storyboard, which I brought to the last class and which everyone graciously gave input and collective group changes were implemented (removal of certain frames, re-arranging the order slightly). I uploaded the storyboard to the class Blackboard (view the storyboard here.) On Sunday, a few people from our group visited the Austin location and took photos.

This week (Thursday) the St. Joseph’s group is visiting the Humboldt Park facility to meet with the director and square away some video time, as well as photograph the facility and get a feel for the overall project in order to tweak the storyboard and get moving on filming.

What is Going Well? As a group, we seem to be able to communicate well outside of class using Blackboard. The volunteers who went to the Austin location went on a Sunday, so we have people going above and beyond, which is great. I think our Project Manager, Amelia Noyes, is doing a great job by posting task lists and keeping the questions rolling.

What’s Not Going So Well? With a single project like this, my concern is that there are so many of us involved that there will not be an equal distribution of work for everyone to feel “fully immersed” in this project. I think as far as criticisms, we all feel an overt sense of politeness as to not upset the apple cart. This may change as the deadline nears. We all don’t seem to be on the same page as far as time and bullet points to cover in this project, as there are so many points to cover, but I have faith that the most important points will surface during editing.

My goals as Video Art Director for next week is to have a filming schedule in place and a more refined storyboard to post.

I think if project team continues to communicate their thoughts via Blackboard (or wiki, which is preferable) for Thursday so that we can all get organized for the trip over to St. Joe’s, we’ll be good. It may take a couple class times to complete filming and then time will need to be spent editing. As far as editing goes, I am wondering if it might be possible to have a projector available so that the designated editor can edit while the project team gives input during the editing process.